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Liquid Bubbles

Jetblack Corp. is a forward-thinking company focused on carbon capture aquaponics and sustainable energy production. The Company's mission is to produce carbon-negative products while promoting local and sustainable food production. Jetblack Corp. aims to leverage advanced technologies to establish a scalable and environmentally responsible business model in alignment with the growing demand for clean and sustainable alternatives.

Jetblack Corp. is primarily engaged in the development, construction, and future operation of a state-of-the-art carbon capture aquaponics facility. The Company's business model combines carbon capture and utilization, sustainable energy production, and the cultivation of high-quality seafood, fungi, and produce. Through innovative processes, Jetblack Corp. strives to maximize value extraction from biomass while minimizing waste and environmental impact.


We seek out quality acquisitions and investments. Incubate ideas and bring them to life. Structured as a holding company. We are in the development phase of forward-thinking products such as EndoCleanse™ and Krinkov™, an electromagnetic accelerator.

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Outstanding Shares
275, 422, 000 
Coming Soon
R & D New Product 
Coming Soon
89, 963, 000
Daniel A. Goldin
53, 215, 000 
Ticker Symbol JTBK 
Founded in 2002
New Management In 2016

We are building something bigger than ourselves

-  Jetblack President

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you plan on a Reverse Split?

Not now or forseeable future. 

Does the CEO have any plans to convert his note from debt to stock? 

Not now or forseeable future.

Do you have plans to move corporate headquarters?

Not at this time. 

How do you plan to raise $20 million USD?

Reg D 506(c)

What is

Krinkov is a electromagnetic accelerator used for self defense.

What is the product being worked on?

One product is EndoCleanse™ which we have been working on for some time. Another product is in the early stages and will be discussed later.

Why were the other acquisitions from last year unsuccessful?

Many reasons, some known some unknown. In regards to one of the transactions, we believe there was interference from 3rd parties. Another potential transaction, a $1 million USD liability was uncovered so we ultimately did not want to move forward. 

What is Jetblack?

A company focused on creating wealth for shareholders. 

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